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Postby AnaisWaterson » Thu May 10, 2018 5:39 pm

Are there any users who have changed their eye color using either biokinesis and or chromokinesis? There are no reviews on either of these and I'm wondering if they can be used for changing your appearance. Also, if there are people who have used these can you explain how you went about it? I'm kind of a newbie.
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Re: Biokinesis/Chromokinesis

Postby DualWanderer3 » Fri May 11, 2018 2:17 am

Well from what I've read about it I would say that you would want to start with something far more simpler then that or at least be vary good at focusing on your intent before trying if you plan on doing this yourself.This one your asking about is gene manipulation which effects dna which if that isn't enough to tell you how dangerous this is to screw up ailments like cancer are caused by your dna not being copied properly and things of that nature.If you want to try it while not having expiriance with any kinesis before then try it on something expendable that you won't mind loosing first so if it fails in the worst way you aren't loosing much.This on is labled as a expert's kinesis skill and just looking at what I put here about it its with good reason.Thought I would menchen it before you got any ideas if people talk about their expiriances which I think its safe to say thous that have done it made sure they got the main principle of kinesis in genaral down and knew what they were doing before even attempting changing eye color which being the simplest form of this form of it is still vary risky to just try outright let alone changing anything elts.

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