3 Wishes spell or A Djinn

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3 Wishes spell or A Djinn

Postby sweetsucces » Sun May 13, 2018 8:31 pm

Hi everyone !1ey

I hesistate to buy a Djinn,because a lot of things
But i liked tout know if the 3 wishes spell is the same thing whitout the responsability to keep A Djinn
And others questions what is the difference between A arabian marid djinn and others djinns and if i can found a believer djinn who can grant wishes without harm to my karma/beliefs/others
Please Thanks

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Re: 3 Wishes spell or A Djinn

Postby laptop123 » Mon May 14, 2018 3:31 pm

Very interesting. I wish the reviews were helpful (cause if you read them, they either refer to selling used items which honestly is not much of a testimonial, and the other gives no details on what was achieved).

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Re: 3 Wishes spell or A Djinn

Postby CrashingDown » Mon May 14, 2018 9:36 pm

If you don't feel ready, then go with the spell.

However, a few things to keep in mind: whether having a Djinn or even making wishes through spells impacts your religious beliefs is a question only you can answer to your own satisfaction.

As to whether it impacts your karma, what were you planning to wish for? Revenge? To force someone to fall in love with you? For someone to die? That sort of thing is generally frowned upon or looked at as black arts, and depending on the practitioner or type of Djinn or the limits imposed on them by their binding, many would not even bother trying to grant them for you (and may even teach you a lesson in the process, if they don't just ignore the request). Of course, having that sort of attitude or taking actions along those lines would bring something bad back at you--that saying "what goes around comes around" became a cliche for a reason.

However, if you asked for something realistic and good for you, such as to find a better paying job, or for more prosperity in your life, or to help you strengthen your metaphysical skills, how do you see that negatively impacting your karma? Think about what you're asking for and how it would impact yourself and others.

Not to say that there aren't dangerous Djinn or ones who might do things that make you regret what you asked for. However, if you do some research on the subject, I think you'll find that Marid, Gold, or Jann are generally a good place to start when you feel ready for the companionship of a Djinn. They tend to be a little more easygoing and are not as prone as others to twist your words when you make a wish (though it is wise to be wary and remember all have the capability of twisting your words if they desire it). The key is to understand how your words could potentially be twisted and to be clear and firm with your wishes, desires, and house rules, so they know what your "lines" are as far as what you're okay with them doing. For example, have house rules along the lines of the following:
* Harm none unless they wish harm upon me or (name whoever/whatever in your household you want protected).
* Defend me, but don’t retaliate without my permission.
* Only grant wishes that help my greater good and highest self or are neutral in nature. If I wish for something that is counterproductive, please ignore it.

You should also probably do some reading on the nature of wishes and what is/is not possible, whether by Djinn or other wish-granting entities or spells:

I'd recommend you do more reading in the forum and the encyclopedia so you can better understand the nature of wishes and Djinn (and probably house rules, as well) and make a more informed decision for yourself as to the best route for you to take--only you know what's best for you.

And one last note--Djinn are not the only entities capable of granting wishes.

Good luck. :D

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