Why do I keep running ?

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Why do I keep running ?

Postby GenesisLove » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:21 am

I'm sitting outside. 4am in the morning, dark and quiet. I started meditating on gratitude. Thanking the trees and the wind and the Universe, etc. You know the drill. So All of a sudden I hear a loud couple of thumps in the far distance, like a 1/2 A mile away. Like a dump truck going to fast over a pothole.

I LOOKED for a second closed my eyes again. A few mins later I hear a hissing to my right from around the house. Maybe still in the front yard. Sounded big, full like from a large animal. At first I think I'm hearing things. So I sit there waiting to hear it again. And about 45 seconds later I hear it again. But it's closer now. It sounds like it's directly on the side of the house about to enter the back yard where I am. I got up fast and was so busy starring at the side of the house to see what was turning the corner, I was fumbling at the door. I was grabbing the deadbolt instead of the door knob. I couldn't get in the house. So of course made it worse. I finally looked down and got in. But my heart was beating fast and my knees was buclkly.

But the odd thing is I may have known who that was. I think. Last night in my meditation prayer where I'm in the presence of my Gods, Spirits, Ancestors, Bound Spirits , etc. A large black lizard entity entered the Throne Room where we were. He had come at his own free will. He wanted me to know who he was. They told me that he was the one haunting my daughter. (This is the daughter with the Vampire bites. ) I just grabbed him and started wrestling him. I was determined to win, but he kept healing. I'd rip his mouth open and it would heal. I finally just pinned him down and asked for help and though he was subdued he was wild and disruptive.

Then I heard someone say " Try Love, weren't you saying you're going try to approach everything with love?" So I turned to him and grabbed him and hugged him. ( I wasn't afraid of him attacking me because I noticed I was healing too. Plus I was surrounded by My Peoples, lol. ) I envisioned the feeling of love leave my body to surround his body. I said, this is what love feels like. Let me love you. Let's love each other. His body relaxed in my arms. Then he licked and hugged me. He wouldn't leave my side.

I even stopped meditating and restated. I changed the music and I ended up in some paradise looking place and I see myself doing that yoga dance practice. I can't remember the name of it. Then I started Airbinding with Dirt, Water, Wind and Fire. And there he was sitting, hiding in some bushes. I ignored him and just kept dancing. Then all of a sudden his black skin started to peel. After all of his skin fell off, the skin underneath was green. He started jumping around. I knew he'd be with me forever.

Do you think that was him? Was he coming to see me? Why did I run ?

Love Conquers All, Even Fear.

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Re: Why do I keep running ?

Postby Dreamerunknown » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:41 am

Maybe you ran because you were afraid?

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