Roomba Household Negativity Cleanse

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Roomba Household Negativity Cleanse

Postby lori67k » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:41 am

What you’ll need:

Simple cleaning supplies
A black candle OR Sandalwood Incense OR Sage Incense (you only need to choose one of these items)

STEP 1: Go through your home and gently "clean" all doorways, windowsills, etc. Any entrance to your home, wipe it down.

STEP 2: Close all windows and doors.

STEP 3: In the CENTER of your home choose one of the following to burn for 1 hour:

Your choice of black candle, or Sandalwood Incense, or Sage Incense

STEP 4: As you light it, say this...

I light this cleansing energy,
To cast out negativity,
All the bad is gone here,
As the all the good is drawing near!

STEP 5: Make sure to monitor the candle or incense for fire safety. Don't let it burn unsupervised. (You'll get a powerful personal cleanse by being in the same room.)

STEP 6: When it is done, open all the windows and doors and feel the rush of positive energy fill your home.

Many blessings 1ht

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