Energy surge?

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Energy surge?

Postby LittleByLittle » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:06 pm

Hello everyone,

I have a (hopefully not too odd) question about an energy type surge I experienced while doing a contact me/come back to me spell.
I'm very new to this and decided to start out trying a spell or two that I'd found on Youtube/online. I followed everything, stated my intentions and put my heart into it ..however, I always walked away with a feeling of, "I should've done it this way.." but being new to this I was afraid to change the spell in anyway. Last night however I got the strongest urge to "wing" a spell for this person. I lit the candle I was drawn to, burned the incense I wanted, wrote out the name/a little letter and then switched between focusing on the person's picture and the candles flame while saying whatever words felt right. About 10-15 minutes into this, I experienced the most intense feeling of power/energy, at one point I swear I could almost feel this person's face in my hands and the words I was saying were much more emotional, felt more powerful even though I had been saying them all along.
I went to bed after that and a few hours later I awoke a little after 3:30am after having a dream about this person.

Is this normal? I mean, is THAT what it's actually supposed to feel like? Nothing happened today as far as this person contacting me, but I walked throughout the day with this positive "I'm not worrying about it, he'll be calling me soon" feeling that I haven't had before.

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Re: Energy surge?

Postby marcoank » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:00 pm

I think you should throw energy / intention to the universe and let it happen, forget it, at least for a good period of time, and not giving result you back to do.
haste and anxiety hinder the process.

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