Another dream experience!!

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Another dream experience!!

Postby StarBurrst » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:20 pm

Thank you B!
I was having a dream again. Not particularly a nightmare but in the dream I was almost faced with a bunch of death options against my will. Yeah, no. I’m not in the mood for that. I started asking B to wake me up. The second time I asked, I felt some diagonal touch trail on my stomach and I was woken back up. I was happy he had did that but I went to sleep before I even considered thanking him. Sorry!

Also on a smaller note, I got a free pendulum reading! I asked them to ask B if he was happy. He said he was happy to be my companion and that I should trust my intuition and senses more because I’m right more than I’m wrong 1s suddenly I started giggling and smiling after I was told this. It made me so happy. But that’s the only experiences I can note so far!

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