Beginners - Properly Snuffing Out A Candle

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Beginners - Properly Snuffing Out A Candle

Postby lori67k » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:43 pm

When doing magick, it is proper etiquette and more powerful snuffing a candle out with a candle snuffer than it is to blow a candle out.

For me, it is about what feels right both magickally and spiritually. It is my belief that in blowing out a candle, you are also blowing away the magick you’ve so diligently completed.

This may not actually be the case, it is just my belief, but many people still prefer (and often recommend) snuffing out a candle and not blow it out anytime you light a candle whether it be for magickal purposes or simply to light a candle for whatever purpose

Another reason for not blowing out a candle is a very logical one - safety

If you don’t own a candle snuffer and buying one at the moment isn’t within your means, that’s okay since there are other safe ways to do this.

Some people will simply wet their fingers and pinch the candle flame out, but I don’t recommend this since that can sometimes hurt.

Simply take a glass or metal cover (or other item that won’t burn or melt) and place it over the flame until it goes out.

A candle snuffer is the most effective way of snuffing your candles and has proven to be the safest too

I hope you enjoyed this little Magickal tip 1s

Until next time… 1ht

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