Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

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Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

Postby Charles_Odinforce » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:39 am

Awakenings and Accidental ThoughtForms

It runs across my desk about once ortwice a month when a client has an issue with one or the other energy
type system, an awakening, and then a thought form. Generally
speaking the first steps of dealing with this are the identification
process, finding out that it is a thought form they are dealing with.
The reason for this is that there is a need to believe it to be
anything else. No one wants to think of an awakening as a bad thing,
and no one wants to believe that somehow they've created their own
problem. So this identification problem becomes harder. Further it
gets complicated because to most a thought form could appear as a
spirit or other kind of entity. This goes into “we see through the
lens we work through” and when we see the world as “spirits and
beings” then everything is a spirit and a being.


The “I have a hammer so everything isa nail” mentality can be seen in cultures world wide. Shaman that
work with spirits exclusively see a “bad spirit” in a persons
emotions, or a “restless land spirit” in the area that is “tied”
to the person. Often in these systems there is a guided method to put
the “spirit” to rest through a large amount of psycho-drama,
direction of thought, energy, and intention. Ritual, dance, song, and
even long extreme physical trials.

In other traditions, everything is seenas an energy imbalance and the idea of a spirit being around is more
something seen to happen alongside that imbalance, or as a result of
it. Likewise the “spirit” may be just a manifestation of the
imbalance mixing with the subconscious mind of of the person
experiencing the situation.

This is why the first step isidentifying the problem, and often times that means a deep
examination of it through various methods of divination, testing
against it with personal banishing rights, and seeing what does and
doesn't work. This is a long part of the process I'm not going to get
to in this article but say that at this phase we are moving into
having confirmed “It's not a spirit, banishing it doesn't work, and
all tests show that it is either an awakening, a thought form, or

The Awakening Process

Awakening is NOTalways pleasant. We need to recognize this first before going any
further. Pulling from the negative aspects of a Kundalini in the
Wikipedia we have the following.

  • Heightened sense of smell, heightened hearing and sexual sensations
  • Change in breathing
  • Energy rushes or feelings of electricity circulating the body
  • Involuntary jerks, tremors, shaking, itching, tingling, and crawling sensations, especially in
    the arms and legs
  • Intense heat (sweating) or cold, especially as energy is experienced passing through the chakras
  • Spontaneous pranayama, asanas, mudras and bandhas
  • Visions or sounds at times associated with a particular chakra
  • Diminished or conversely extreme sexual desire sometimes leading to a state of constant or whole-body
  • Emotional upheavals or surfacing of unwanted and repressed feelings or thoughts with certain
    repressed emotions becoming dominant in the conscious mind for short
    or long periods of time.
  • Headache, migraine, or pressure inside the skull
  • Pains in different areas of the body, especially back and neck
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, and touch
  • Trance-like and altered states of consciousness
  • Disrupted sleep pattern (periods of insomnia or oversleeping)
  • Change in body odor (sweetness/natural/healthy)

Some of those negatives might notsound so bad, when they are under your control but an uncontrolled
awakening means they are NOT under your control, you no long have the
ability to move into and out of the state of normal day to day
operation and for example trance state.

Recognizing some of the features of aKundalini Awakening share great similarities between spiritual
assault is it any wonder the two are often confused for each other?

Thoughtform powered awakenings andKundalini Awakenings differ in that there is an intellect, often with
thought of its own, created from the awakening. This may be from the
massive upsurge of power the awakening has granted being funneled
into the fear of a “spirit attacking” and solidifying effectively
what most would consider a servitor. It may be also something that
happens over time as a result of the awakening process and a
continual feeding into the emotions and “certainty” that it is a
spirit on the attack. This certainty gives it solidity, look up
thought form creation for more information, and the natural upsurge
of power from the awakening means very little needs done to empower
this beyond certainty.

For a normal awakening I oftenrecommend Reiki sessions, Kundalini Balancing Meditations, working
with crystals associated with the chakras, change of diet, QiGong and
QiGong Breathing, TaiChi, ZaZen to clear and focus the mind, mental
and energetic exercises, and a host of other things including but not
limited to rest. For a Thoughtform empowered by an awakening though
we have to go a bit further.

Thoughtforms and Awakenings
The Energy System
To solve any problem we mustunderstand the problem further. While balancing those chakras or the
energy system you work with will help reduce the Thoughtform it is
not the only, or even always the best solution. At this point it is
something created from you, and in some ways given power by your
certainty. We do need to address the energy system first though in
order to progress further. Most people when asked how their chakras
are will say “I feel fine.”

To put this into perspective,I operate at a fairly “high energy level” for most people, not to
brag. However after a Reiki session I had a brutal awakening a few
years back. The Reiki practitioner was an expert in her field, one of
the best if not THE best I've met, looks at me and says “Your
sacral chakra is gone.” I was kind of taken aback at that and she
said after that “This makes no sense, you have a LOT of power, its
like you rooted AROUND the sacral chakra when it took damage, its
like you built a tunnel around it on instinct.” This was during a
dark time in my life as it concerned sexuality (the core of the
sacral chakra) and the emotions from those events had effectively
killed my sacral. I felt fine, other than having no sex drive at the
time, and it was impossible for me to really diagnose myself because
to my perspective everything was working OK. I considered the
emotional responses untied to the chakras, and made a large series of
what I call “novice errors” in self diagnosis. Still I present
this story here to bring the point, you probably can't diagnose your
own chakras unless you spend days and days in chakra balancing
meditations, hours upon hours, so that you move past your own
internal illusions. You might FEEL fine, and not be.

So in this case we have to address theissue of the energy system without self diagnosis in the form of “how
do I feel” but more “what might I be hanging onto.” In this we
address the energy system directly in the form of our past, our
current thoughts, and what we have went through. We bypass the
initial “how does it feel” and look more at “what does it do.”
We are going to go over each chakra here and look at what can cause
an impact on them in the overactive form. The reason we focus on
overactive chakras is because the very nature of an empowered
thoughtform is that it is drawing from a strong energy point.

Crown Chakra:
This chakra generally speaking iseither under-active, or working fine. If it's under-active the
ability to use energy, project, and other things may be hampered. In
cases like this we focus on the next chakras as bringing them to a
proper state of alignment promotes good flow into this one.

Third Eye Chakra:
Overactive: When the Third Eye isoveractive we SEE and EXPERIENCE the spiritual world too intensely.
We may be unable to pull ourselves out of states of trance slipping
into them too easily. We may be “unable to silence” things we
hear, or “unable to stop seeing” because of an overactive Third
Eye. This is generally caused by focusing ONLY on perception without
balancing the rest of the energy system.

Solution: Focus on more mundane tasks,things that are grounding in day to day life. This may sound very
difficult but some meditations are designed for this. Meditations
like ZaZen are infinitely useful when done properly in the form of
“Just Sitting” as we focus on the mundane task of sitting.
Meditative walks through the forest are also useful for this.

Throat Chakra:
Overactive: A need to talk constantly,a feeling of not being heard or listened to, a constant interrupting
of others. A mouth, throat, and to some degree ear issues are
connected to this. You might feel like you are being choked, or
otherwise feel a pressure on the throat.
Solution: Thoughtful speech is thepinnacles of the easiest ways to do this. Another though is to
practice mantra meditations very slowly. In forcing ourselves to slow
down and do a mantra as slowly as possible we use the voice to
correct the throat chakra directly. Slowing down the physical slows
down the metaphysical just as slowing down the metaphysical would
slow down the physical.

The Heart Chakra:
Overactive: A loss of personalboundaries, uncontrolled emotional states, a feeling of pressure in
the chest, giving more of yourself than you reasonably can, chest
pains, emotional swings, and a general feeling of being rushed are
connected to an overload in this chakra.
Solution: The best solutions for theheart chakra are to balance that energy by focusing on relaxation
techniques. Meditations meant to relax, such as guided meditations,
can be beneficial here. Lightning some incense that has a relaxing
scent. Taking a day to pamper ourselves and focus only on us is
another good start. Focusing on the self in meditation, again a
variation of ZaZen is good for this, but also exercises that
strengthen the self such as QiGong are beneficial for this one. This
is the most common overactive chakra, because emotional turmoil sets
it into spin. It is connected to love, loss, and things of that
nature. Therapy may be recommended in extreme situations.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:
Overactive: A need to dominateothers, strong pains in the abdomen, strong intense anger, a need for
control, a feeling of being out of control, a sense of greed,
overeating, and a lack of compassion for others are all symptoms of
an overactive solar plexus chakra. In dealing with a thought form or
an awakening often times this chakra becomes hyper charged as we
“grow angry” at the “intruder” and this feeds it more than we
could expect.
Solution: Meditations on love,especially mantras like the Om Mani Padme Hum, or other types of
meditation are useful for balancing this chakra. Focusing on self
control, or exercises that require self control but don't extend to
others can help gain control over this chakra. Solving puzzles that
require fine tuned skill, or practicing an art form that requires
good self control are a must. Breathing exercises are excellent for
the Solar Plexus Chakra as most forms of QiGong breathing focus on
this area and are about controlling the body directly. As we gain
more self control and loose the need to control others, as well as
anger at being unable to control the outside world we slow this
chakra down to proper spin.

The Sacral Chakra:
Overactive: Addiction, hypersexuality, strong sexual feelings, pressure in the sex organs, the
feeling of having sex, a need to imbibe more in drink or food,
restlessness, and the general feeling of sexual activity are a core
part of this. This chakra is one of the more common overactive
chakras related to a thoughtform empowered by an awakening. At first
the increased sexuality, and the feelings of sex are welcome. As the
potential that we are dealing with a spirit as the core problem, or
perhaps a spirit was the problem but is then banished, the thought
form steps in and feeds on the chakra. Fear mixes in with the strong
sex drive and the base instincts. Since on some level this feels good
we tend to want to give into it more. An overactive sacral chakra is
a major part of this phenomenon.

Solution: Awareness is againthe key, no pun intended, with working with this chakra. Abstinence
from pleasures including rich foods, sexuality, meat, and other
things can help with this. Spending time in contemplation of what is
right for you, what you really want, and focusing on the image of
that is also useful. Meditations like QiGong can help balance this,
but only once one can move energy more directly. The best solutions
involve moving the energy toward the heart chakra and then to the
crown. More than anything it is important to focus on control of our
own actions, control of our own impulses. As this chakra becomes
reduced in power the back and forth “pleasure for power” cycle
with the thought form breaks down. After a certain point the
thoughtform looses power and destabilizes if this is its only source.
By this phase emotions like fear have entered into the mix as well.

The Root Chakra:
Overactive: Anxiety, inability toconcentrate, jitteriness, fear, a feeling of being attacked, pressure
on the based of the spine or back, a feeling of being under threat,
the sense that a presence is near, digestive issues, and an inability
to relax or enjoy life.
Solution: The root chakra is besthandled by first making sure we ARE safe, after that we move on to
the chakra directly. It is no good to assure the fear, if the fear is
valid. Once with that though we should look at ways of strengthening
ourselves. If QiGong and other energy techniques were mentioned
before NOW they become paramount. When we are strong, and certain in
our strength, fear is removed from the equation. Fear can not exist
in the certainty of safety. Practicing acts of kindness can help us
draw energy away from the root chakra, as can focusing on a
connection to our spirit more and our body less. The Root Chakra is
tied into the body, so focusing on concepts like enlightenment and
mantras centered around that are useful as well.

The Shadowself
This is another aspect of Awakeningthat can happen when the shadowself becomes an active force in our
world. This has to do with repressed emotions, focusing on “this is
not me” in our thought patterns, and generally sectioning off parts
of ourselves. The more we push down what we consider negative aspects
of the self as being a secondary part of us, the more we empower a
shadow self. It's beyond the scope of this document to get into the
Shamanic Journey methods most useful in confronting the Shadow Self,
but needless to say the confrontation resolves itself in the
acceptance and integration of those aspects as a part of the self. It
is more than just lip service though, one can not simply say “I no
longer have a shadowself” one must have reached a point where the
integration of these aspects is now fact. A shadowself can feed into
a thought form, or a thoughtform could simply be an expression of the

Confrontation With The Thoughtform

We've started siphoning off its fuelsupply, getting rid of its power source, by balancing out our
chakras, what is next though is stopping a rogue thought form
empowered by an awakening. It is important to understand that while
much of this involves strengthening the self, strong mental
discipline, and an iron will there are also other factors. In the
right measure many actions can disrupt a thoughtform, where in the
wrong measure they empower it. This is because any action in direct
conflict with the thoughtform is acknowledging it and feeding into
it. Conflict oriented measures with the thoughtform should always be
focused on empowering ourselves, not simply defeating and destroying
the thoughtform.

Recognize the Thoughtform is part of you:
Even if it is independent on somelevel, it still feeds from your fears, actions, and in some ways your
thoughts. If it were truly independent it would go away, find easier
pray, or find someone willing to feed it. Instead it is tied to you,
and this recognition means you can steel some of its power. In
recognizing it as yours, you recognize you have some authority over
it. It might be much at first, maybe enough that by telling it to be
silent, or go away, with force you can push it away. It may just be
recognition that you can control where your energy goes with focus,
so in moments of fear you can direct your own energy back to yourself
and away from the thought form. The important part is to recognize it
is a part of you still. Any action, direction, or method that goes
away from this lessens your control and power over the thought form
and gives it the ability to function autonomously with the mask of
“this is something else.”

Eventually you will wind upconfronting the thoughtform. This may be a direct confrontation in
the planes, or in a mental realm, or it may be a physical projection
of energy in a shout or banishing. In small doses this can be good.
It reaffirms your power, and removes the thoughtforms strength when
you defeat it. However in another way if done repeatedly it only
serves to fuel it. If you fight and opponent who is not real time and
time again until they seem real you only feed it power. The sense of
satisfaction found in defeating it is replaced by defeat as you face
it time and time again. Use direct conflict with energy and focused
intensity as a last line of action.

Strengthen the Self:
Strengthening the self throughspiritual techniques and practices means honing your energy, will,
and self control abilities. In strengthening the self and taking on
practices that strengthen you spiritually you grow stronger, and you
gain the awareness to DIRECTLY control your energy, thereby cutting
off energy leaks, and putting a stop to the thoughtforms existence.

This is a double edged sword. Oftentimes banishing work for a day, or two, at first. Sometimes even a
week before it returns. The problem with banishing a thoughtform is
that it exists inside of your subconscious, inside of your fears,
inside of your imbalances of energy, and inside of the parts of you
that you may not have access to. Banishing falls under the heading of
Conflict, and it has its use, but you will find that banishing works
less and less. You have to take the power away from the thoughtform,
not reinforce its power over you. The exception to this is to do the
banishing focusing on the thoughtform as a part of yourself.
Recognizing the ritual and banishing rights as ONLY focusing on the
self, no matter the symbolization used, can make a more potent form
of banishing. In this case perception and focus are everything. If
your banishing against a thought form and some part of you believes
it may be external, you are feeding it. If you can hold with
complete, perfect intent and understanding that it is a part of YOU
that you are banishing, then you have a more potent tool.

Thought Control:
This is not just ignoring it, butcounter thought to existing negative thoughts. This is all about
taking back control of your mind. Many meditations such as mantra
meditations, ZaZen, and QiGong fill this role when taken to the
extreme. In honing the muscle of the mind that muscle can be applied
to various situations. In mastering thought control you can rob the
thoughtform of its power sources by negating fear, anger, agitation,
anxiety, and other emotions that may be feeding it. This is the
hardest, and yet the ultimate resolution, against a thought form.
Ignoring it means you still give it credence, this comes down to
forcing the sense to stop through sheer will. It's a hard skill to
learn, and it is one learned through other skills. Much like
repairing an engine is more than just replacing parts, there are many
smaller skills necessary that are taken for granted.

External Help:
What follows are my recommendationsfor people having issues with thoughtforms who are seeking external
help from other mystics. These are the things others can do to help
you with this be they friends or professionals in the field.

Chakra Cleansing/Balancing:Either through directed energy work, Reiki, or even a talisman. This
art form has a direct impact on your energy centers and provides you
a good external help. It can not remove your thoughts from the
thought form, and focusing on the thoughtform will still fuel it, but
it removes the energies it feeds upon by balancing the energy centers
it disrupts.

Reiki Healing: Mentioned abovethis has its own section because Reiki often helps with other
energetic issues that falls outside of chakras. A Reiki session has a
great impact on not just the chakras but also the pathways the energy
flows through, the dantiens, and the spiritual body. It often covers
more than just what the practitioner focuses on and by the nature of
it balances to “remove illness” which the thoughtform could be

Ritual Working: Rituals meantto heal, balance, or otherwise improve energy flow can be useful.
These should be focused on balancing, not shutting down, and not
restraining the flow of energy. This may be calling upon Gods or
Goddesses, various forces or powers, or just a directed power of the
practitioner. Ritual when focused on healing or balancing is
incredibly valuable. You should avoid ritual that hyper charges your
energy during this period as well as avoiding anything that is
focused on JUST a single energy center. If you are turning to someone
for help, you can't be 100% certain of your evaluation on which
energy center is out of control and feeding the thoughtform. In this
then you must focus on general wellness with the ritual work,
anything to specialized could go from “balance” to “imbalance”.

Guidance: Often times thosewith more experience can provide guidance on what they've been
through, or offer one on one advisement. Sometimes the best thing you
can do is set up a time to talk with someone one on one and talk
through your experiences to get advice.

Chakra Readings: If you knowsomeone who reads chakras or has another way of looking at things
this outside perspective can be of some benefit as well. Sometimes we
enter into things being sure of what the situation is only to find
out we were seeing what we wanted to. Having someone look over your
chakra/energy system can be of some value. Remember often times
people see things from their perspective, make sure you let the
person know that you suspect an energy imbalance powering a
thoughtform, this will prevent them from declaring the thoughtform as
“certainly this or that spirit”and reinforcing its mask. A
thoughtform can often hide itself, an energy imbalance can not.
Avoid Banishing: Banishing is agreat tool against negative spirits, and generally once a banishing
is done, its done. Unless you suspect you are in combat with another
mystic of great skill, there is no reason for a spirit to come back
once banished. They are gone, you are ground they can not walk near,
and this lasts for quite a long time. Most spirits don't take enough
interest in us to continue time and time again. However the act of
banishing, since it is meant to work on a spirit not a manifestation
of our subconscious will given power, will generally fail more often
than not. This reinforces a feeling of hopelessness.

Embrace Cleansings: Getting acleansing of the area around you is an awesome way to clear out
negative energies that may be making the awakening process harder, or
even helping to feed the thought form. Likewise thoughtforms, when
negative, tend to do better in environments that are toxic so they
promote a toxic environment. Cleansing done by yourself or others are
incredibly useful. Do not put the expectation though that this will
solve the whole problem, it removes a part of the source of the
problem, not the whole of it.

Luck/Benefit Workings: Whenyour life is doing better, your mood improves. This sounds simple,
but its a good way to have an impact against the thoughtform, though
again this is NOT a complete solution. Instead it is recognizing that
even small workings done to help improve your life then help take
your thoughts away from the negative, and your energy back into
balance. Again, this is not the final solution, but it can be a part
of it at times. When we are in a bad place in our lives depression
takes hold, and sometimes only by having a better place to be in our
lives can we remove the thoughtform's power and let it fade into

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Re: Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

Postby Kitsune » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:47 am

Holy triple post Batman! XD

It seems as if the format you copy/pasted this article from didn't translate completely on the post, and I noticed many editing errors. Just wanted to point that out so you're aware.

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Re: Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

Postby Charles_Odinforce » Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:32 am

Yeah I became aware of that after the fact, it's still not to hard to read at least, it just smashed some words together. At the least the headings are still intact which makes it easier to sort through information.

That is what I classify as a medium sized article haha.

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Re: Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

Postby Charles_Odinforce » Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:34 am

Also I just see what you meant by triple post. Hopefully a moderator will come around and remove one of the blog posts. I did want one copy in the blog for posterity so it was easier to find, and one in the education section as its relevant to that and many members can't see blog posts. I didn't realize it managed to double post in the blog section though.

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Re: Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

Postby kaledragule » Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:17 pm

Thank you for this post. For a while now I thought I was under attack which brought me here. Then I calmed down and believed it was just a spirit. What you describe fits what I've been experiencing.

I've been attempting to balance things on my own and purchased a custom come Courtwind angel just in case. I'm certain I need assistance with clearing blockages and balancing as the energy sensations are all over the place.

Can you recommend anyone, or do you know anyone who can recommend someone in the Charlotte, NC area for Reiki and/or chakra alignment.

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Re: Awakening and Accidental Thoughtforms

Postby Charles_Odinforce » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:54 pm

Sadly I don't know anyone in the Charlotte NC area.

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