the creation of Mankind... ( and merfolk/Vampires/etc)

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the creation of Mankind... ( and merfolk/Vampires/etc)

Postby Fireshadow » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:10 am

So basically, I would like to get more detailed stories on the creation of Mankind.
After I purchased my incubus and courtwind angel, I'm thrown back and forth about the creation of Mankind. ( I'm also trying to figure out where the vampires, mermaids, and other supernatural species came from)

So I lately have been told about the book ' Homo Deus', which is by the same author of ' Sapiens'.
I'm born a Christian, so I was always told that Genesis holds the truth: God made Adam & Lilith, and when Lilith walked away He made Eve out of Adams rib. Clearly Cain and Abel and Seth had relationships with their own sisters I suppose?
In school, I heard about Darwins theory that we are coming from the Apes.
But lately... I'm doubting this a bit. Cause why is Japanese yellow, where as a Native American is red, and an African is black, where as an European is White? Is that solely because of the environment we live in? Or is there more to the story?
And how does this creation story fit with Mermaids? Cause let's get honest... those mermaids are alive and did come from somewhere. I tried to get an answer by my incubus, but as my third eye is still blocked, I'm not totally sure if it's correct.
This is basically what I got:


Abrahamic God Gods/Goddesses
= made angels = made merfolk
=made humans
| |
Adam & Eve Good Bad/Fallen
= had human children witches
= had faery children

Fallen angels + Lilith = demons. -> vampires. ( but vampires are also from fallen angels and animals?)
Fallen angels + daughters of Man = nephilim

Dan Brown came with Origin, and I happened to walk upon the stories about Enki.
Next to this, I came to hear more about the Dogon, and reincarnation therapy to find out more about Atlantis ( by this, it's kinda implied that the Aliens made humans).
And after diving deeper into it, I think we can honestly say that Church has totally destroyed our original knownledge ( but I'm even doubting if that's solely thanks to humans).

Basically, it's getting way to chaotic right now for me, but I really want to find out the truth about it.
So my question to all of you, what other stories have you heard about the creation myths of Mankind? What is your view on this? And if we are talking about the creation myths of Mankind, can somebody share the origin stories on how Merfolk/Vampires/etc came into existence?
I heard a creation myh about Elves/Fairies, that they were made because Eve was asked by God to show Him her children. But as a few of her children were still dirty ( not washed) she didn't show them all. And God said: The children you're hiding from My Eye, will stay hidden for all your other offspring.
That's how the elves/fairies came into existence.
And another thought that occured on the creation of the Merfolk was: And as God made Mankind to guard/shepherd the Earth, He made Merfolk to guard/shepherd the Sea/Oceans. Cause apparantly 90% of the Oceans is still undiscovered by Man. ( But that's just a thought).

So, I'm asking you guys if you have some other creation stories to share, next to the obvious Christian Creation, and the Darwin theory.

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Re: the creation of Mankind... ( and merfolk/Vampires/etc)

Postby niceprotonman » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:06 pm

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