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Postby Templar » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:27 pm

Hi All,

I've been reading Tarrot cards for a while now and I know how to open up to spirit and close down. I used to feel and hear spirits when I opened up, and the messages I got were on point. However, I always felt that I didn't get enough for the people I was reading for, which is why I never charged. It was just me. I asked them to give to charity instead. Anyway...

I bought an illuminati Tarrot pack some time ago thinking they would be more powerful to work with so I would get more information. (I don't agree with the illuminati, I just wanted to see if they were powerful.) After using them for the 1st time, I was visited by a headless Japanese woman who was absolutely clear as day. I didn't pick up her name but I just knew she was Japanese. She just stood there in my doorway while I froze. I've never seen anything as clear as this in the spirit World, not even close. I'm not ashamed to say that I was frightened. I asked her to leave while I slowly begin to move but she just stood there. I opened up and called out to the spirit World in my head and that's when she left.

The 2nd night was when the attack happened. I hadn't used the cards, or opened up, and she appeared while I was watching TV. She was with a small woman who's name instantly entered my head as, The Soux. This time I couldn't move at all and she was right there, as clear as physical form. She giggled and laid across me trying to do something with my ear, as crazy as it sounds. My breathing started to slow down and it was like I was being forced to look at the TV while she did what ever it was she was doing. I opened up in my head and called for help but I couldn't get my words right, it was all mixed up, like my language was confused. I really thought that was it as I was now searching for breath. I still don't know what happened but they just quite simply vanished as quick as they appeared, that's when I got my breath back and sat up. It felt like it lasted for ages but it didn't because the TV show was still on before the 2nd ad break. The TV was playing as normal throughout what I call, the attack. My right ear now scabs up from time to time on the outer rim and returns to normal. It's pain free, but reminds me of them when ever it scabs over.

I burned the cards under advice and haven't read any since but I still can't get over how clear they was. Their presence was amazing for all the wrong reasons. They haven't returned since.

I did some research online where I read many things on different subjects to the point where I've now purchased an artefact... A Vril-Ya ring. When I was searching online I kept being drawn back to the ring, time and time again, until I finally bought it. It came with a parchment that displays The Statement of Covenant ritual -- The Tilkalle Bind Sjel Seremoni. I've researched this to no prevail. I'm just trying to find a good entity to bond with that's as clear as those who I saw before. I just don't like the mention of blood in the ritual, which I find a bit off-putting. At the same time, it's really strange, or maybe just a coincidence that the ring fits absolutely perfect when no sizes were mentioned or displayed. I'm used to looking out for signs and the fact I kept being drawn to it persuaded me to buy it. I'd just like to ask:

Has anyone ever tried anything with Vril energy, or knows anyone who has? Under advice from the chat forum yesterday I don't wanna jump into something without knowing the full ins-and-outs. It's just that it really feels right.

Given the nature of my story, I'm open to all advice.

Thanks for your time!

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Re: Vril-Ya

Postby Whyme » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:16 pm


I don't have experience with vril energy; however, I did read a bit about it online. From what I remember it comes from the Vril Society that was formed during WWII. The links are a good starting point if you want to pursue this path.





You may also want to read up about Black Saturn. Good luck!

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