Chakra Opening/Balancing/Activation Experiences?

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Chakra Opening/Balancing/Activation Experiences?

Postby HorizonSignal » Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:34 pm

I've been asking my keep to help me deal with blockages and general energy body work, and I guess during lastnight's meditation a message got through the blockages!
As I was getting ready to go to sleep, already under the covers, I felt a warm weight on my lap and legs. I was surprised at first, and thought perhaps that I had unwittingly slipped into the astral. But no, sure enough I was still wide awake. I decided I would relax and see what happened, since telepathy isn't yet effective for me (subconscious, chaotic gibbering more than anything else, even when I'm 'tuned in').
For a couple of minutes, just comfy warm weight. Then I started to feel a pressure-swelling sort of sensation in my perineum, which I'm guessing was root chakra workings. Following that, the presence seemed to scoot up a bit on my pelvis, and then I felt something quite new (The root sensations being fairly familiar from previous energywork encounters): 2nd chakra activation (Sacral/sexual?). The sensation was very different. While the root felt sort of like a ball, like golf-sized, the sacral felt like a scintillating point. It buzzed, fizzed, vibrated; a sensation which reverberated in my genitals and seemed to echo off my pelvic bones. I was fascinated by that for a few minutes before my sleepy attention-span ran out, so I asked them to cool it until I feel asleep; they obliged. I woke up with a profound feeling of release, relaxation, and peace?(for want of a better descriptor) in my lower body. Wow. It didn't stick around through the morning walk, sadly, but it gives me a new idea of what sort of body-feel I want to aim at. I'd be a different person of I felt that full-body all the time (or even just a little while each day!).

So, I'm curious to read about how other people experience chakra/energy center work. What sort of sensations do you get? How has it effected your ability to interact with spirits and magic? What other things changed in your life, as a consequence or perhaps precursor?

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Re: Chakra Opening/Balancing/Activation Experiences?

Postby Regholdain » Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:02 pm

The only sensations I have experienced are tingles, electrical movement from one point along my central corridor up the back of my neck and over my crown; vibrations, buzzing and throbbing are common for me too.

I have been practicing energy work based on the book Energy Work by Robert Bruce. I ask my spirits for assistance too.

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