Spell to help an Ex move on/find someone else

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Spell to help an Ex move on/find someone else

Postby Princessofk » Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:42 pm

Well I can’t find where to find this subject matter so here I am! Lol
Im in a new relationship with im pretty sure is my soulmate possibly twin flame. And he has a baby, new baby the baby is four months. And the baby’s mother he believes is going through some things which I 100% agree with as well. He told me that when they broke up earlier this year they agreed to not be friends. And after the baby was born she told HIM to move on. Now, he moves on to me and she’s not happy about it at all. One, his dumb self told her super Christian self that I am a witch, smh. So he’s just not making it easy on himself when it comes to seeing his kid. The last he saw his baby was 3 weeks ago! That is because the mother has been acting strange lately. Just the other day he tells me she called him asking for sex verses inviting him to see his baby or something. And when he turned her down because duh me and brought me up she was just like really? You’re really turning ME down he said... Now with a little bit of background I need help with a spell. I do not dable in dark arts or black magick to any extent. And I do not want to bring any negativity to this women she’s already going through a lot. Matter of fact Im nowhere near angry or mad and I wasn’t even when he told me all this. It just gives me anxiety because one I never been in this situation and never wanted to and was so adamant of never dating a guy with a kid In my young years for reasons as the one I am in now but hey im here any ways, smh. We plan on moving in together in march/april next year when my lease is up and there is a huge possibility this women will NEVER let him have his daughter over at HIS house because of me. It could be simple we could not move in together but then that’s letting her basically control his life to accommodate how she feels which is bullshit. And then she kind of wins and gets what she wants from him. She’s very aggressive and he believes she’s going through postpartum which I can definitely see why.
She has also (before) called him multiple times back to back as if there were an emergency but she just wanted to talk to him and she would do this 12-1 in the morning and I would make him answer because it could be about his daughter but no! It hardly ever is.
The connection and energy between me and him is far too intense and strong for me to just let him go because of HER. So, I want to create or do a spell to help her move on. Get someone else in her life, she’s a very dependent women I see she needs new love and a little bit of self love she is very insecure from what he has been telling me. But since im an empath I only see a women who is alone with a new baby and also her first baby and her ex also the baby’s father has moved on. There has to be something I can do to help her. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Spell to help an Ex move on/find someone else

Postby darkwing dook » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:12 am

You need to discuss this with the boyfriend, in honest and detailed, about the plan and commitment related to his ex. See what you can compromise, and can't. And see what he can and can't as well.
https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-get-rid- ... h-her-life

Or family therapist may be of help to your relationship.

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Re: Spell to help an Ex move on/find someone else

Postby Bhardin78 » Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:50 am

Well here my 2 cent... Legally she can't keep him away from his own daughter. If he's on the BC or not he has legal rights to see his children. If he's not on the BC, he can have a DNA test done to gain parental rights. Unless you or him have a major crimal past, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt it's an unsafe environment for a child, mental issues or other issues making a person an unfit parent before a judge would disallow visitation. It would have to be pretty severe such as child abuse or basically be a registered sex offender before a judge would not allow visitation.
But as to spells I'd possibly try a mind control/thought implantation/thought suggestions to sway her from keeping his daughter away from him. Those spells would work as WA if you word it properly. Something along the lines of softening her heart towards you, understanding your not trying to take her place but are instead bringing more love, protection, guidance and wisdom to bring up the child in a positive and loving way. Allowing the child to become the best person she can be.

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Re: Spell to help an Ex move on/find someone else

Postby Likes2Read » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:06 pm

She is using his child as a pawn. I agree with the post above mine: she is breaking the law.

He might want to lawyer up and establish his visitation rights in court, if he doesn’t want to deal with these mind games until his daughter turns 18.

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Re: Spell to help an Ex move on/find someone else

Postby Fireshadow » Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:06 pm

Okay, my advice to you would be to ask your spirits to help you out.
The great thing with spirits is that they have wisdom that by far exceeds ours.
But oh wait... maybe you didn't ask your spirits for advice, because you were too busy with your TF ( yeah, speaking from experience)

And now I'll tell why I came here, I thought it was for another reason, but I'm coming here to speak in this childs name apparantly.

And as a young woman, whose parents divorced when I was only 2, I would like to ask you the following: Is it your destiny to be a stephmother? Or are you meant to be a mother? In my case, my dad married someone else the moment my parents were legally divorced, and had another baby with this woman. I was a good daughter... so I tried to be nice to this new mommy my dad choose out for me, and never dared to throw my baby brother out of the window, even if I felt like he totally replaced me in my dads affection.
My stephfather had a difficult time with me in the beginning, cause I was sure he was so naughty for even daring to be together with my mommy and keep my daddy away.
But in the end, my stephfather never dared to give my mommy another baby, so I was still the most important person in her world. Thank heavens... my stephfather and I have a great connection.
I had a difficult time with my stephmother though. Our relationship only became good when she left my daddy.
Now in turn I'm not in any contact with my father, nor is my brother, or our babysister. Because my dad choose yet another woman above us.

in name of your BF's newborn daughter who isn't able to talk, I'll tell you something; if he is your soulmate, he will return to you no matter what. But as you love a man who is a father, you should love the child all the same. She has more need of her father than you of a boyfriend. She is a baby. A baby needs to be nurtured, loved, cared for. I'm not saying that her parents should be together, but I'm saying that she should be the only one on your mans mind for the next five years. Any girl in the world will grow up and find a prince someday, but they will always have only one King. The king should be the father. ( and not your brother, because my babybrother has way too much responsibility taking care of his two sisters)

And about this soulmate... if we talk about soulmates, we talk about destiny, and choices made somewhere before we came to this life. If he is your soulmate, why did he chose to have a child with another woman than you? And why did this soul of the child decide to be born to her mother, and not to you? What is the lesson that you should learn from this? Why did you choose this option?
If you are 101% sure that he is your twin flame, okay, fine... I still don't get it anyways but that's not necessary.
But, then in my opinion, this isn't the right time for you to be together. You know Twin Flames aren't always supposed to be together right? I just broke up with mine... not because he is a father.
But because no matter how much we love each other, sometimes timing isn't right.

... and I kinda came to the conclusion that when I was together with my TF, I felt less compelled to meditate and connect with my spirits. Now my TF is gone, and I am working on my relationship with my spirits. I'm apparantly trying to become as wise as King Solomon... I only need around 900 more spirits.

Trying to be as wise as King Solomon: this isn't about your mans ex, this is about you, him and about the daughter. (... No I'm not saying you to split the baby in two). You need to know that love sometimes is sacrifice. You need to let him go and be the father to the child.
Be the fairy godmother, not the evil stephmom. Cause you can count on this, the child will definitly figure it out what you did. Maybe she will become a black Arts Witch, that's going to end badly for you isn't it?

proud to be chosen by so many spirits <3

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