A friend was stolen from me.

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Re: A friend was stolen from me.

Postby Enki » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:58 pm

Fireshadow wrote:... well, I see you are new here. ( I was going to make a stupid joke, about you being our lost father/creator, but I'm not cause you're in pain).

But you know there could be a reason why you came to a spiritkeeping forum right?
If it was your destiny to go and find some spells, you would have gone to a different forum.
( I know many other forums, and spellcrasters who can help you with spells.... but you being here, kinda reminded me on how I came here... it was in a very strange way as well. I was looking for spells to have a wish come true, and someone mentioned djinn and CH to me on another forum, and so I came here...in the end the djinn didn't grant my wish, but I found much more happiness )
Creepy Hollows is the Wallmart of spiritkeepers. When we are speaking about justice, I think about certain spirits who can make sure justice is served nicely on a silver plate.
When you're speaking about the detective that needs to have his*** kicked, and do a better job, I know there are certain spirits who can help with that as well.
To give examples: my courtwind and fire fae work very well in that department. I'm not sure if you're more for the Dark Arts by your chosen name on this forum... but some spirits can bring messages of the dead if I remember correctly. Maybe bindings with immortals could also bring much to you...
I honestly ordered some readings two days ago, that I think may be of some use to you:
https://shop.creepyhollows.com/messages ... eyond.html
( I guess it can provide you with answers)
https://shop.creepyhollows.com/spirit-r ... nions.html
( the last one is if you think you're guided to this place to become a spiritkeeper)

So my advise to you is order those readings, and then stay here for awhile. In my opinion there are no
mistakes/faults. Everything happens for a reason, and you posting here, being here... maybe you're gently guided towards your destiny.

I don't know where to begin besides saying thank you for your time you took in responding.

The more I think about it the more I believe I was led to this forum through fate. I do believe If I hadn't lost my friend I probably wouldn't be here. Not that the subjects don't interest me because I'm open minded always but now that I'm here I wont be leaving anytime soon.

As for the dark arts, I have nothing against them at all. The stronger the presence the better I like it, from what I've been through in life im not easily shaken. On the flip side of the coin i'm still going to make sure I have a fairly good protection level up at all times 1s .

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Re: A friend was stolen from me.

Postby Nicholas » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:10 am

He'll hounds can help you get in contact with the deceased and I'll pray for you and your friend I hope your friend gets justice

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