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Post your experiences with eBay sellers.
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Postby LilyCake » Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:16 am

This is my experience with the store. It seems fairly new, or at least I didn't hear about it until about a year ago. This is to help others decide if they want to buy from them or not.

I bought from this store a few months ago, and the spirit has yet to make herself known. I've had several spirits before this one, and they've all appeared more or less as soon as possible. Well, I decided to visit the ***NO REDIRECTS ALLOWED*** channel of the store to chat with other customers and maybe see if I was doing anything wrong. A day after I got there, I got notifications from people talking about graphic sex in one of the regular (NOT NSFW) channels. I pointed out the rules of the server said nothing about minors not being allowed, so there could have been minors around, or just people who never consented to exposure of this stuff. The admin just shrugged instead of, I don't know, making another chat for (very) off-topic stuff or telling the people to take it to DMs. So basically, I've lost forty dollars, and I can't access the recommended method of customer service (I emailed them, and they took a while to respond, explaining ***NO REDIRECTS ALLOWED*** was the best way to contact them) without being exposed to sex without my consent.

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Postby Unclesid » Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:34 pm

1bw yeah, if your in a toxic community like that, and believe me if you try to post something and nobody seems to care about anything you say. Don't waste your time there.

The spirit could be shy, improperly binded, or it isn't there in the first place.

Theres better places to get bindings outside CH, i looked up the site and didn't feel any energy from it whatsoever. Seems kinda sketch to me.

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Postby Ishvala » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:41 am

Honestly the lack of professionalism in general would be sketch to me. If you paid and didn't get what you expected to receive via the product description AND they're customer service basically refused to help --- which to me they did given their blatant disregard --- I'd personally just request the money back via paypal or bank statement because I'd personally consider it fraud. ESPECIALLY if the site was as sketchy and poorly managed as the sale complications itself. Maybe it's mean to suggest that, but its better than being disrespected and possibly scammed. It shouldn't be too hard to get your money back, and I hope you do if you choose that route.

You seem smart enough to do your research, but in the future I'd suggest only going to sellers who've managed a good reputation among the reviews here on CH. Perhaps that sounds biased of me, but metaphysical shops are pricey, and feeling scammed during a personal journey is probably the worst feeling ever and can even cause some people to quit their path altogether which is terribly sad.

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Postby Alys-RaccoonReadings » Fri Dec 28, 2018 7:17 pm

If this seller is who I think it is: I have had some great bindings from them. BUT. The practitioners themselves tend to have a lot going on in their personal lives and that has been known to bleed into their work, especially on the interpersonal/customer service end. I’ve been very happy with them and like them on a personal level, but not everyone has had that same experience, so things seem to be uneven enough for a caveat emptor.

It is deeply not okay that they are not safeguarding their customers and acquaintances who are potentially minors. They should (and I believe do) know better. In your position, I think I would end contact with them. Maybe you have a spirit in that binding or maybe not. If not, then the only harm is financial. You have little hope of getting that back because of how the law and payment systems’ terms of service treat meta products and transactions. In case there is a spirit, I might make it clear that he/she/they is/are free to come or go at will and can let you know if outside help is needed.

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