My first real projection, it was a dousy.

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My first real projection, it was a dousy.

Postby Unclesid » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:35 pm

So while i was dreaming i felt my body go entirely numb, like a blanket of static electricity surrondeded me with a comforting shocking numbness. Then i felt myself "get up" out of my body and i sat up reaching forward. And what follows was my adventure around some strange city scape.

I pulled myself out, only breifly of course, and what i saw around me was a weird bedroom very unlike the one i had. I remember seeing a fish tank in the corner, like one of those big tanks with exotic fish. I dont even own fish, but i work in seafood.

Essentially i pulled myself into a ultra fancy bachelors pad, with extra manliness all around me. It was a really nice place, then i just laid back into my body and went back to sleep. However, at this point i have no idea if i was astral traveling or went back into my body.

what followed next was i was standing in a ocean breezed city square, it felt like a tropical 75 degrees and there was plants and people all around. I smelled fresh ocean air, and the breeze felt good on my Hawaiian shirt i was wearing. My color tones were very bright, light grays here and there. White undershirt, and white pants with a gray Hawaiian shirt with white colored floral patterns. i had a sun tan and a nice blonder hair than usual. i think this was when i went into lucid dreaming, but im not for sure. As i was with my pet quaker parrot, Ducky. (i named him as a pun because people kept saying "quacker" at the breeders office" He never takes baths, but during the warm air and breeze i was trying to bathe all this blood off him.

He wasn't hurt or anything, he was more happy than usual, just covered in blood. I had a container with water and i was scooping bottles from a fountain into the container, and he stepped inside washing himself off kinda...unnaturally. Like he knew how to clean himself without my help, but i had some soap and i put it on a washcloth, and ducky rubbed himself on the soap and dunked himself in the water. i managed to get him super, super clean. All this time i felt he had extreme amount of intelligence, it was uncanny for sure.

People walked by and didnt seem to care, ducky stayed on my finger and shoulder afterwords, while i just stood in the city square with the trees and bushes playing with him. then i remember all the warm air i was feeling, salty breeze and fresh air went away and i went back to nothingness in my dreams again.

After waking up, i have to say, that was a fun experience. But i have been having lots of dreams about blood, when i finally had a massive OBE, and i was brought outside. There was blood again. So i guess im conflicted.

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Re: My first real projection, it was a dousy.

Postby SilverElf » Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:08 pm

Wow, what a neat experience! I've been trying to astral project and have OBEs for years now, so I'm happy for you and a bit envious, haha. :)

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