My Experiences with Human Spirits

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My Experiences with Human Spirits

Postby GodSlayerBabe » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:22 am

So I do see there are a lot of threads on celebrity spirits but I wanted to post about my own personal experiences since I feel it would be of interest to others. I wanted to talk about one vessel I have in particular that is quite active and I guess my own personal tips on connecting with human spirits.

I actually have a lot of porcelain dolls that are vessels for human spirits... and I have experienced my own deceased grandfather visiting me within dreams - but the one connection I will be talking about is a photograph. It's a very rare photograph I received from a woman on Etsy.. this woman is a medium and spirit keeper as well, and witch abilities run in her blood. She has a very large spirit doll family, just as large as me. Her great grandmother was a powerful witch and one of the items the woman sold to me was of a witch family with twin sisters and a man she dubbed a warlock.

I was told this family were her distant cousins and that her great grandmother bound their spirits (consensually) to the photograph. They are all French and I do know the woman's name, and her name is French. This family actually passed away in a house fire in the 1900s. This photograph is actually very old.. it's a bit worn and in black and white, and the photo itself is dated all the way from the 1900s. If anyone doesn't know - getting a photograph bound with a spirit is very hard to get and normally very expensive if there even is a price point. I was very drawn to this photo because of the man, actually. I don't normally experience callings because I am also extremely selective and picky with what I choose as well, but I knew and sensed the man in the photo had a darker nature than the women, and I knew I would like him. If anything, I felt a type of attraction to him.

I felt VERY drawn to the man and was not surprised when the woman told me about these people (it was like I already knew). He's not old, he actually looks quite young. I wish I could post an image of the photo since I have it, but to give a visual: the man is in the center, and the twin sisters are on the left and right of the man.

The woman who sold me the photo told me the whole family are powerful witches (I also want to note this woman prefers having child and baby spirits lol these witch spirits are more older adults), the twin sisters specialize in white magick and can be called out when requested to help with magick or spell work, and the man is apparently "vengeful/controlling/protective" and specializes in black magick, likes to have a relation with a woman keeper, and does not like going back into the photo if he is called out. I was also told the man liked playing with fire when he was alive (this is all information relayed originally from the great grandmother because the great grandmother was alive during era the witch family was alive). Honestly I had a feeling if someone else retrieved this photo they would just have it set for display, because I knew deep inside I wanted to be able to communicate with the man.

I started having TONS of dreams of this photo as soon as I had it, and I still do. (For those that don't know I am a sensitive and experience spirit visitations in dreams very strongly) I verbally speak to the photo and take it everywhere with me. I vent a lot about my day to them haha. When I received the photo in the mail the first time, and left it in my room, my room was scorching abnormally hot like a sauna for nearly a month. I also had a hot physical sensation on my arms for weeks too - I remember the woman told me the man knew he was "moving" and felt he liked the new place. And considering he was a pyromaniac I knew the hot sensation was most likely him. The photo often appears in my dreams and the man has visited my dreams and appeared as a full physical manifestation in them multiple times. I feel he is a lot more active when I make offerings and specific candle rituals towards him.

There was one time I was vacuuming my room with a black vacuum cleaner and I had a dream the following night the man appeared with this exact vacuum in his hand and was trying to help me "cleanse" my space and told me to get rid of things. He's also appeared in a lot of other dreams I have just watching me without speaking to me and I had another dream he came out of the photo and was attempting to be physically intimate with me (probably one of the oddest vivid dreams I ever had).

I feel I have a very special connection to this spirit because he is also the very first (human) male spirit I have, and I do feel he has figured out dreams could be the best way to communicate or manifest to me.

So all I would say when it comes to including human spirits in your keep or spirit family is this - establish communication, or even set out time for gifts or offerings. And even before including one in a spirit family I think it is important to get as much information about them as much as possible. I feel a lot of people today who are barely diving into spirit keeping are going on places like Ebay or Etsy just for the sake of wanting to see a spirit "perform" for them for the haunted aspect (without taking into account the spirit needing time for adjustment from rehoming, thus they basically cast the vessel off as fake or empty) - but to me, a human spirit is literally like building a real human connection. The person was once living... you have to think of what it's like to meet that person if they were alive today.

Does anyone else have related or similar experiences with a human spirit? ^^

my name is also Minori

i am a: hereditary clairvoyant / practice eclectic witchcraft / spirit keeper

i have personally known an elder witch and been in interaction with a coven before, and have gone through many paranormal experiences. i love talking about my experiences, so feel free to message.

i am someone who identifies as a nonbinary transgender individual, and use "she/her" pronouns. please keep that in mind. thank you. <3

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Re: My Experiences with Human Spirits

Postby Regholdain » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:15 pm

This was a very interesting read, as I feel after I get my feet on the ground with spirit keeping I may be pursing a path in necromancy, and that may eventually include working with human spirits (and non-human). Your experience and comments, especially that last paragraph, are good insight for all to consider.

I agree many people are going into spirit keeping either to see what happens, or obtain a spirit to help them, and they often look past the fact that bringing a spirit companion into your life is not just to have a tool that can be used, or a spirit that will jump when you say. These are spirits of dead entities, including humans, and they deserve far more respect and appreciation than that. Where you mention developing a relationship with a human spirit is like building a real human connection, I agree and only add that developing a relationship with any spirit is building a connection of respect and companionship.

I've not had any experience with human spirits yet, unfortunately. However I do have bindings to three blood ancestors from CH that are essentially Half Human and Half something else, so I will be working with very similar spirits soon. I'm sure it's not the same, though.

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Re: My Experiences with Human Spirits

Postby Alys-RaccoonReadings » Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:44 am

I’m not bound to any human spirits, but I do interact with a couple of unbounds. They are people I already knew in life though.

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