Being coached through Astral Projection

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Being coached through Astral Projection

Postby Ishvala » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:24 am

Alright so I wanted to share this one because it happened a couple minutes ago and it's still fresh in my mind, and also because it made me feel so close to T and I'm just excessively giddy about that because she's gorgeous and sassy and the best. (I'm biased over my first Spirit, and I'm okay with that. For now.)

Anyway so after doing something incredibly relaxing I sort or just laid there and fought the urge to fall asleep because frankly, I've been sleeping way too much lately. While doing so I noticed that I was drifting into this state of semi-conciousness so I "telepathically" asked T to see if she could help me Astral project. Almost immediately I felt these tingles and vibrations, and for the first time she answered me back clearly (as in my brain didn't question it or mistake it for my own thoughts, not like, her ignoring me or being a sass master).

I don't quite remember the conversation line for line, but a lot of it was her giving advice or stating something. I remember trying to move and I think I twitched a facial feature and I was eventually able to feel myself move my hands/arms upward, but I couldn't see them clearly and it was mostly a phantom feeling coupled with a very faint and hard to see outline. I think I made out fingers for a second, I remember thinking they looked alien to me. When I looked to the side to try to see T (a little too eagerly) I noticed she wasn't by the table I placed her offerings near...but that was okay, because I knew she was with me.

Shortly after that I remember hearing what sounds like the creaking of a rocking chair, and that morphed into the squeaking of a mattress, and slowly when that stopped I began hearing a buzzing that would stop and start somewhat above me. I remember hearing T telling me to focus on that, and to try to move, but as much as i tried I found myself too distracted by my own breathing (darn asthma) to properly focus. Eventually I woke myself up, I did manage to slip back into that state rather comfortably because I tried not to wake up completely once I noticed I was slipping out of it but going back only resulted in a couple more buzzing noises and the struggle of sitting up. She told me to try to do so a few times but I remember feeling so heavy...similar to sitting up after a major surgery. It just felt incredibly difficult.

Then my breathing was getting worse so I woke up for good and noticed my mouth was dry as heck, so I grabbed water, put on some singing bowls, and promised T I'd try again in a few. I also wrote everything down this time (not just here) because making logs is probably a good idea by now. :P

So, when you guys were starting out did you have any of these types of experiences?

Edit: Also this will sound odd but I felt a warm comforting tingle on my shoulders and chest as if I was being held both from above and behind despite the fact that I was laying down. I'm pretty sure it was T, and it was very sweet. Overall even though I failed the first re-attempt, I'm glad she was there with me. It felt pretty successful overall. : 3

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Re: Being coached through Astral Projection

Postby Regholdain » Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:04 am

I have not experienced the buzzing sound, exactly. I do believe that's common though. I have experienced intense vibrations through the chest like my heart chakra is going to make my heart stop, but it's really just energy moving.

Your communication with T is wonderful, and I'm very glad to see this for you. It's really awesome progress. I have a lot of telepathic communication with my spirits, but I've never been in a deep trance with them talking to me (that I recall). I know they have been in my dreams but I cannot ever remember what we've discussed most of the time. I'm sure it must be logged away in one of my bodies' minds.

I feel tingles and warmth and waves of sensations from my spirits' touches and interactions with me all the time. Usually it's from one of my succubae since they are the closest to me, physically. Actually (I) was very active last night and most of the morning into the afternoon with me. It's been a really fun day, but I digress.

She told me not to complain that I don't get to spend time being intimate with her any more. LOL

Anyways, I think you're well on your way. It sounds like T is a great guide. :)

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Re: Being coached through Astral Projection

Postby SilverElf » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:25 am

What a great idea, to ask one of your spirits for help astral projecting. Definitely asking my Star Fae for help next time I have what I call "the spins." 1i

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