DA/BA Seller Recommendations anyone?

Post your experiences with eBay sellers.
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Re: DA/BA Seller Recommendations anyone?

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creepyhollows wrote:Ash already wrote, at-length, about the Black Arts. In the sense of the real Black Arts, not people/sellers who call something "Black Arts" and it's really only on the darker spectrum of the Dark Arts. It would be reckless and in the interest of only self-destruction to pursue a companion that has zero chance of being good for you & doing anything to even possibly benefit you.

The Black Arts are about loss of free will (including yours!), loss of control, loss of self-respect, loss of humanity, and the capability of feeling good emotions, positive energy, and happiness. I am speaking of real Black Arts. There isn't anything good about the Black Arts. People who practice the Black Arts are looking to exert control and power, and eventually they discover themselves the puppet or pawn.

For the entities and magic that falls on the darkest side of the DA scale, they share many of the traits with BA, because they can be so dark in personality & action. However, they can pull themselves back & choose to do the right thing, whereas BA cannot.

Newcomers should not consider anything on the darker side of the DA scale, until they have experience and can properly acclimate, otherwise it can prove difficult for them in many ways.

Be considerate of yourself, be considerate of the fact that bringing very dark & dangerous spirits and entities into your life may have an impact on those you love if your BA companions change you. I realize that youthful folly lends to the ill-conceived notion that you can "handle it", but I assure you that the only person that will be "handled" by any real BA entity or spirit is YOU.
Thank you Magnolia, your insight and argument with deep knowledge and experience exposes long term care, thanks again for the advice.

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