time distortion events.

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Re: time distortion events.

Postby Whyme » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:24 am

I thought I'd share this experience, that happened years ago, which is sort of a time distortion.

One day I was driving home and came to a red light with a car stopped in front of me. When I stepped on the brake pedal, it went down all the way to the floorboard without even slowing the car. The brakes had all of a sudden failed despite the fact they had been fixed about a week prior. Then time did a funny thing, it slowed down for me and I felt I had all the time in the universe to stop my car to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Everything else was in normal speed. I was in the left lane and no curb there to use to help brake. I couldn't get into the right lane as it was rush hour to use that curb. I forgot about the emergency brakes. Thankfully I was going slow and ended up taking a chance on the tranny by quickly jamming it into park then back into drive. I also zigzagged in my lane. Didn't hit the car in front of me and didn't wreck the tranny. Later, a mechanic said that the master cylinder had gone which is why the brakes failed like that.

So, that's the only experience of time distorting. My other experience with time is missing time but I suppose that's for another thread.

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