Trust Like A Little Child.

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Trust Like A Little Child.

Postby Satan's Hellcat » Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:32 pm

Gargoyles love to take you places in dreams and in meditation. gargoyles are very physical creatures. they enjoy touch and exploring the world using their bodies. Just climb on their study back and trust like a little child, and they will take you places. Nothing can stop them. If you are stuck in depression, or sad, or lonely or anything like that, then climb up and ride. They show you the secret places, the sacred groves and the healing gardens of the earth. Gargoyles practice an amazing form of healing that eases the mind and body. I have often felt my Gargy's shoulder bump against mine, and although he never asks, I find myself spilling all my problems out. Then we go for a long run or ride, and I imagine how I want my life to be. I whisper miracles in my gargoyles ear, and he twitches it back to listen. Pretty soon, I am seeing amazing things. A friendly lioness and her cubs, the beach at sunrise, the world opening out before me as I want it. A beautiful house and a new car. Right THERE. :) Instead of using my mind to worry, we are building a garden in the astral or a hut on the spiritual plane. I imagine my hands building a stone wall, or watching a carpenter put up the framework for our new room. It is always a special place of healing and love. We dance and have parties. its a beautiful world again. ()

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Re: Trust Like A Little Child.

Postby Sooty » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:32 am

My gargoyle carried me bridal style flying across mountains and lakes. I felt safe in his arms despite my fear of heights. It was a wild ride and when I woke up I was like woah that was extraordinary :D

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Re: Trust Like A Little Child.

Postby Magnolia » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:36 pm

Gargoyles, despite their menacing appearance, are extremely loyal and passionate spirits, and certainly are devoted when they are part of a spirit family. They come to feel very protective of their Keeper, and when allowed they can become very protective of an entire family. Their startling appearance is the facade that is necessary for their protective work, and their hearts are true and loyal.

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