I'm a coward

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Re: I'm a coward

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Well perhaps your protections are aimed at spirits when they should be aimed at living astral entities. Or, perhaps, reformulate specific protections directed at djinn from your particular region. I'm sure local shaman/magi/wizards/witches/(insert region specific title here) can help in that regard.

I'm not sure about courage specifically, but there are many products also for confidence in the CH shop. I chose a Spirell product for Confidence recently and I've been less likely to back off or second guess based on doubts lately. I don't know how that might impact fear.

Honestly, though, I don't think you should be solving the fear, but rather bulking your protection. And if it's local djinn you are researching, I would start with expanding your knowledge from local sources on how to apply protection, perhaps from those magicians you speak of.

You could also look into local protective spirits - land spirits, local genus loci, elemental spirits, etc. Get to know them, ask for their help in your path. Be respectful and make offerings or you could end up with more trouble. LOL

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