Fun way to call a circle

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Fun way to call a circle

Postby Satan's Hellcat » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:34 am

The energy of a protective circle does not have to be heavy and grim. Sometimes it can be fun! A positive and joyous attitude can empower all of our magick and protect us. Here is something I found a long time ago and hand wrote it into my book of shadows. It was listed as by anonymous when I saw it, but if anyone knows the author, please share it. Here it is: \./


I face me to the east, an' Akila's there
He's the fresh prince, he's the guardian of air.
Homeboy'll guard us, protect us from the beasts,
If anything ugly approaches from the east.
(Akila... KICK IT!)

Facin' to the south, and I got a mighty lion
Leonos is my man, now you know that I'm not lyin'.
Comin' to the circle cuz I called upon his name,
An' he's going to protect us, he's the guardian of flame.
(Leonos... KICK IT!)

Ormsilvern is the man when I face me to the west
When you want it in the water, he's the one you want the best.
Rise from the sea, come over to me,
And tell the bad guys to dang well let us be.
(Ormsilvern... KICK IT!)

I make a right turn, and I'm headed for the north
I'm callin' for the bull; yo, Taurus, come forth!
Just call his name and the man is there,
Holdin' up a circle with fire, water, air.
(Taurus… KICK IT!)

By the powers of earth, air, fire, and water...
...keep it up, boyeeeeeeeez.

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Re: Fun way to call a circle

Postby Likes2Read » Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:35 pm

I totally love this! Hats off to the writer, and to you for finding it! :)

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