Reading Something Familiar

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Reading Something Familiar

Postby TrueGalacticPrince » Wed Feb 12, 2020 7:14 pm

I've been looking at other reputable spirit keeping shops and found the shop called White Wolf Bridge. It's a nice online store with interesting spirits on it. The vibe it gives out in general is very pleasant.
Anyways, there was this type of werewolf spirit called, Irovaylo Werewolves, that the shop described on their Spirit Type page and at first the name of the spirits didn't click. I just have a high interest in shifter in general so I felt it was worth reading about them but once I read what kind of werewolves they were and where they lived something in me felt different. It felt like a piece of old wood that was attached to a sunken ship broke off and is slowly making its way to the surface. The name of where they live is what triggered this feeling. The place is called Sunlight Meadows only for some reason I remember calling the place Sunset Valley. The description of the location is very similar, but the more I think of this place the more I remember things about it. I'm not sure if I've been to this place or if I've visited somewhere similar but it was a deja vu experience to say the least.
When I think of the place I call Sunset Valley, I remember the place being lit with soft sunlight, a flat valley with tall golden grass surrounded by thick woods. The light was too soft to get through the trees so the woods were usually really dark. Something told me that going in to those wood could be dangerous but sometimes I venture in them anyways. If you ventured far enough you may come upon another clearing that has these really pretty flowers that are this blue/violet color. I like to imagine they glow in the moonlight. The flowers grow about ankle high, they look to have dainty petals, and if I was able to smell them I think they would have smelled like soft sweet perfume.
To me I think I visited this place in one of my dreams. My spirits have told me that when I dream I tend to travel to other places without meaning to. I found out at a young age that it's easier to travel to interesting places when you sleep.
Has anyone else had Deja Vu moments about visiting other worlds?

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Re: Reading Something Familiar

Postby Downto666demons » Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:04 am

I too have had deja vu moments in context to places and possibly different planes. I've seen pictures and videos of places that are exact replicas of what I've seen in my dreams. I also use places I've visited during dreams as destinations during astral projection. I've only been successful twice with visiting those exact places but I'm willing to keep trying. I'm thinking of asking some of my entities to check out a few of these places for me. That experience is awesome though, maybe it's a calling from those spirits

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