Dissolve dybbuk box

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Dissolve dybbuk box

Post by qaluh »


I created a Dybbuk box and I want to dissolve it. I'm new to this kind of Magic and I didnt even know what I actually did. Now I dont want to send someone this little beast and keeping it at my house isn't an option too.

For now I've lay down the first pentacle of saturn under box to control it.

Can someone tell me what I could do?

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Re: Dissolve dybbuk box

Post by darkwing dook »

How did you create the dybbuk box? From where or whom did you learn how to create it?

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Re: Dissolve dybbuk box

Post by GodSlayerBabe »

I'm confused. If you don't know what you did or could discern what you're doing with your work, how do you know you trapped a dybbuk or have a dybbuk box at all? If you don't have enough experience, then why do it? Or you know how to bind dybbuks but decided to do a new kind of magick or technique??
There's not a lot of people on here in my opinion who binds dybbuks or have directly worked with binding them before, so I don't know if you're going to get any substantial answers.

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