New experience with diety Angerboda

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New experience with diety Angerboda

Postby Downto666demons » Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:55 am

I have only summoned deities for non ritual/spell work twice before this with no response. Yesterday I had repeated this deity's name 3 times in front of a mirror at 12:42 a.m and did so again around 10 minutes before falling asleep. I did this as it was the instructions for seeing if this deity is open to working with me. I settled down and began to fall asleep, as I was nearly there and barely conscious I felt a nearly paralyzing sensation go through my body and was frozen still. I had no fear just genuine curiosity as to why I felt that. I started hearing pitches of different sorts, some hurt my ears others just felt weird and staticky. I finally fell asleep throughout the continuation of those noises and proceeded to lucid dream throughout the night. I woke up 5 times total having dreams with similar context. In each I was close to or in the forest and surrounded by shapeshifters whose human forms I would remember if I ever see them again but I know I've never seen before. Which is weird because I have heard that you can't dream of anyone you haven't met already. None of these beings were of my spirit family, I'd know because I sense every one of their energies and none of them were present here. Now as to the contents of the dreams; I remember bits and pieces from them, I was lucid and had control over my actions. The beings acted as a group with one Male being who was always masked being the instructor. I'd say most of the dreams had around 13 beings including the instructor. There was little verbal communication but I was able to understand the intent of every being around me and felt comfortable with all of them as if they are kin. I remember running around fire, circles of candles, symbols being carved into trees and witnessing various transformations from human form to wolves, birds, several different large felines as well as flying faerie like creatures. The clearest message I discerned from each dream was that I was a part of them and I belonged. That's the only sense I've been able to make of it this far. After waking up the last time I've had the sense of a presence in my apartment. It stays by the foot of my bed for the most part and I can see a shadow of it. It has touched my forehead and neck while I am not walking around and the sensation of eyes on me is constant. I have asked the presence to present itself to me in a different way and to explain it's intent with no response. It continues to stay at the foot of my bed even as I type this. Any suggestions on if I should try further methods of communicating? Would it make sense to repeat it's name again as it's already here? Any thoughts or suggestions or similar experiences welcome. Also note I have no issue with it's presence I'm just genuinely curious as to why this deity chooses to only watch me and give me pitch noises

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