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These are the last group of dreams I had today.
1, There are deserts, ancient classical architectures, and rocky landforms etc. Those scenery are too beautiful to describe. The closest place to map on earth would be ancient Egypt, or Loulan in Asia, also called kroran, which was an ancient kingdom. We do not walk here, instead, we fly. We fly through all trees and rocks to our destination: portal, for next scenery. Everything is out of breath beautiful.
2, The new(maybe) dream. I was living in an apartment building, a baby fell from the ceiling. Her smile was sweet but creepy. I went upstairs to check if that was from the couple living above. (Logically, I shouldn’t think that way, there’s no damage on the ceiling but the baby just falls from nothing) There was a guy with me, named Nik(He was my best friend for two years and gone and kept appearing in each of my dream over another 2 years) We are waiting for the police. In fact, that is not police, but someone who’s really good at these paranormal stuffs. We hold the baby and try to open the door of that couple. I suddenly feel a sense of danger or death. We turned to the neighbor of this floor. When we turned the doorknob, we heard many coins falling on the ground. More and more people came to the lobby for help. There was a portal downstairs kept transporting wrong person. Everything started from my apartment. The police asked me to reproduce the story from very beginning. I did the same thing (I forgot, it was maybe eating something and the baby just fall). However, this time, everyone was doing their own business and waiting. Nobody noticed the story was triggered again and me was asking for help. The police encouraged everyone waiting at home until the weird stuff happen again. I was so sacred and came to Nik. I hold his arm and asked if I could sleep with him. He suddenly smiled and sound softly, yes, but tonight would be the last night for me being alone, my parents coming tomorrow. And he hold me in his arms. But until I wake up from dream, my shoulders are still shaking from fear.

*Logic brings one from A to B, imagination takes you everywhere*

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