The puportedly haunted restaurant Pier 57 is photographed above. I did not feel any paranormal energies and there seems to be a rift between the employees and patrons whether or not the restaurant is truly haunted. Supposedly a murder took place in the dining area of this savory restaurant but I believe the only thing that will haunt you is the memory of their great food once you leave!

But, for those of you who want to know more I spoke with the owner of this restaurant a few weeks ago. Back in the mid-80s when the restaurant was a bar known as Pancho Joey's the woman who was bartender was shot with a shotgun in the early morning hours before opening. The cooking staff found her behind the bar in a pool of blood. Her ex-husband shot her in what was believed to be a jealous rage as she has moved on with her life and was dating another man. Her ex-husband received parole and was released from prison in 2006!

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