This is an investigation of a roadside cemetery about 10 miles from our home. It is kept at minimum standard and the majority of the tombstones have been repaired though some still find their final resting place shrouded in weeds.

Sadly, it is a cemetery filled mostly with the gravesites of children.

There is a gray energy around this tombstone. It is unclear if the spirit is unhappy or content. During different times of the days the energy can take drastic polars. A few times I have felt a sinking feeling of depression and others a feeling of mild happiness. I should also note that at this particular tombstone I have felt both a male and a female spirit. I can only imagine it would be the spirit of a grieving wife or daughter that is responsible for the female presence. At age 66, however, Mr. Lee lived a long life considering the hard labor he was responsible for every day.
The tree in the center of the photograph shades a small circle of graves. It is also a very active area for energies. You can feel the buzz of energy almost 50 feet away and there are times (early in the morning & at dusk) when the energy is so alive it manifests as a soft buzzing sound in your ears. I have experienced respiration interruptions while walking towards this tree and it is my impression the energy is brought about by at least 5 different spirits. Usually by the time you reach the bush on the right side of photograph you can feel the energies fingering your spine.
A tender boy of just 19 years Jesse finds his final resting place beneath this very beautiful and ornate metal tombstone. There is a vital energy that encircles this enchanting tribute to a soul lost too soon. It is the potent energy of a young spirit still trying to make his everlasting mark on the world. Little does he realize that his tombstone is a favorite amongst the cemetery as its tender carvings and careful design lends the feeling of true love and comfort from those who loved him dearly. I have witnessed white-grey streaks and small flashes of light appear aside the nameplate and towards the top where an ornately cut rose resides towards the peak of the tombstone. I have also felt a small surge of electricity pass through my index finger when I ran my finger over his name.
There is a very dark and brooding presence situated just three feet from this overgrown tombstone. Oddly there is sparse foliage within a 6 inch radius of the tombstone and starting two feet away a thick circle of poison ivy have claimed victory over the weeds and plants that grow there. It is difficult to say whether or not the presence who resides in this patch of land has influenced the growth of the only known patch of poison ivy in the cemetery. Regardless it is my least favorite point of the cemetery and despite my best efforts to shed positive and loving energy on the site you feel a continual sense of dark and negative energy beating down upon you.
The graveyard is a sight of lives, dreams and hopes dashed by mortality... sober reminders of what awaits us all. There is a field of emotion that lingers on this cemetery as a wet blanket. It is not intrusive but patient as the longer you stay the more you are taken in by its somber ambience. You are drawn into the presence of these people who though lived in times you could not fathom are kindred in their humanity.
This quaint marker belongs to a woman who passed at the crossroads of life. A mere 34 years old she is one of the cemetery inhabitants taken by illness. All that is known about her illness is she fell into a fever she never recovered from and passed leaving behind a husband and two children. Despite her untimely departure she is a warm spirit and you can feel her maternal energy.
This fallen tribute to a Mother (as it is the marker's only name), is nestled amongst the weeds lying parallel to its companion below. I detected the scent of Lilac near her tombstone and had a premonition her name is Sarah.
This cluster belongs to a family... a father, mother and four children. There is very little activity amongst these tombstones and it is my belief it is because they were a close, loving family who offered each other a great deal of support in life and after life. The only detection of energy around this cluster of graves was a feeling of well-being and peace.
This fallen tombstone marks the grave of Mr. B. who expired from this earth at the age of 40. About five feet from this tombstone I witnessed a streak of yellow-orange light. It seemed to move horizontally, as a dragonfly, for a moment and despite my resistance to blink I did and the light was gone. It gave a very jovial vibration of energy and I felt the better for having visited him.
This very beautiful tribute to Sidney is alive with a low-level energy that you can feel around your ankles and feet when you are near the tombstone. I started to feel as though I were wading through a dense matter when I was about three feet from the tombstone. The closer I came the more my feet felt of lead. It wasn't a disturbing or unlikeable energy... it was more of a clinging, welcoming energy as though he intended to wrap his arms around you.
This very sad sight is the grave of a young woman who befell a farming accident in 1825. Though the exact cause of her death is not known it is known her death was ruled an accident. I felt a dual energy from this tombstone and I thought perhaps the angry or resented energy I felt was more that her grave is unattended. The tombstone is completely submerged in weed foliage. She seemed to project a very sensitive and sweet persona but it was overshadowed by her feeling of upset for the lack of attention to her tombstone.
Mr. Bond only lived to see 32 years of life after a tragic farm accident cut his life short. There was hardly any energy detected around his tombstone.

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