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Spirit Keeping We are overjoyed you found us and you're ready to become a Spirit Keeper! We have been developing the standard practices you see within the community today for decades and we continue to lead the way in Spirit Keeping practices and evolution. We welcome those who are brand new or those who are well-experienced as our site provides wisdom and support for all.
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Spirit Keeping is the act of keeping spirits as companions.  They are typically bound to a vessel or to yourself which provides a direct link of communication & interaction.  Spirits can be your companion either through choice to be with you or through your feeling a calling to them.  The vessel they are bound to is not their home, it is their point of immediate connection and communication with you.


Spirit Keeping, the phrase itself, is a term coined by Creepy Hollows to identify and define this practice precisely.  This is why you do not find any sources older than Creepy Hollows (online or offline) using this term as this definition of spirit-bound vessels for companionship.  While spirits have long accompanied all peoples of this Earth the practice of creating a binding of immediacy for interaction and companionship with a spirit through the mutual decision and respect of spirit and Keeper is unique.  We are proud to have been founders of this practice and continue to lead the way in defining the methods and community of Spirit Keeping.


In the last decade the practice of Spirit Keeping in this form has multiplied beyond the wildest dreams of anyone.  What started on this site as a mere group of ten enthusiasts has exploded into a community of hundreds of sellers and practitioners and tens of thousands of participants.


We strive to continually offer the resources and support all Spirit Keepers need to develop and evolve throughout their journey.  On this site you will find all the information and tools you need to be a happy and healthy Spirit Keeper with a thriving atmosphere for yourself and your spirits.






























Tools & Resources for Beginners and Seasoned Keepers

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We are so glad to have you with us!  We take the greatest care in all our bindings, and we're excited to help you!