Bottom line, Creepy Hollows would not have remained the foremost, popular Spirit Keeping & Paranormal Collecting website for almost 20 years if any of the claims, and assertions, by the Complaint Board & Rip Off Report bullies were true. Our website was the first of its kind, and has remained an authority, and popular website, for Spirit Keeping & Paranormal Collecting, and continues to grow continually. Our membership has gone from a handful of members when the site opened, to having more than 10,000 members site-wide.

We have never shied from answering questions from anyone, and we are more than happy to offer support and information if you have concerns. Being the first Spirit Keeping website, we have taken the brunt of the force of the ire and jealousy of people. We are the biggest target, and many new sellers make their bones by attacking us, but out of all the up-starts, fly-by-night, and flighty sellers, we've been here through them all. No matter how much poison and negativity they try to spread, the truth is, Creepy Hollows has been here since the beginning, and has stood against the malicious winds of gossip, bullying, and harassment because we actually care about the work we do, and we care more about the positive, good experiences those who join our community have with spirits, magic, and the supernatural. Our love for what we do, our love for our members, and our love of the paranormal will always outshine the hatred we get from competing sellers and those who use fear-mongering to control people through social media & other boards. You will not find a more devoted, caring staff and community than Creepy Hollows. We don't do this part-time, everyone who works here does this for a living, this is all we do. We have devoted ourselves to this lifestyle, and for us it's not just a hobby.

For anyone who really wants the truth, you can read up on what happened during Witch Wars 1 & Witch Wars 2. During those "wars" there were several competing sellers who posted death threats to us, posted cash solitications for our home addresses, and we took action through the law. The threats made to the owners, and staff, of Creepy Hollows were reported to the FBI in Syracuse, NY. Upon learning we had taken legal action against them, the competing sellers involved started reporting Creepy Hollows was under investigation, which has NEVER been the case. We filed the claim with the FBI, and a special agent was assigned to the case. We cooperated fully with all information we had on all the sellers involved in the Witch Wars, all the death threats, emails, text messages, and voicemails associated with this drama.

You can follow everything that happened to us, and other sellers, directly on our Forum. Everything was documented by all involved, with time & date stamps as to when things happened.

Addressing the assertions of "Creepy Hollows Fraud" and "Creepy Hollows Scam"...

We have been bullied personally, and as a business, on the internet through RipOffReport, Complaint Sites, and every free venue they could find since 2007 being accused of everything under the sun. Their claims are completely false, and groundless, because they were made by our competition in order to damage our reputation. However in spite of their posts over the past 12 years Creepy Hollows has grown from a few page site to the gigantic site it is now and has become a trusted site and source for those who practice & believe in this branch of the paranormal.

If you have any questions regarding any of the assertions made you can contact us through our shop. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have, and for most of the drivel from the competitors on the internet, we've responded to most we've found. However, chasing these down on every website is time-consuming and we don't always have a great deal of time to do it. We're not the only ones affected by this, but the paranormal community is a type of community that seems to have more than its fair share of badmouthing. We know a lot of paranormal practitioners, paranormal investigative groups, psychics, and paranormal sites that are great who've had the same thing happen to them by competitors or defunct members. It happens, and we do take it seriously.

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