History of Creepy Hollows

Creepy Hollows has always been community-minded. We chose the name for several reasons; one it described the tree-lined driveway of a home important to us, and it is also a nod to "Sleepy Hollow" which is one of my favorite stories. Obviously we're not the only ones who thought of it as the costume store, hayride, artist series, etc share the same name, but they are not us and not affiliated with us. We have always been a site & organization encompassing multiple practitioners and collectors. Creepy Hollows first came online in 2001 as an information-only site on a freeserver and grew into the large online quest you see today. This site continues to grow and though different practitioners, sellers and collectors have come in and out over the past 8 years we are always here for anyone who wants to join! When we started Creepy Hollows it was a group effort of our mentors & friends who shared a common belief & passion for many aspects of the paranormal. When we went onto the then very small metaphysical community on eBay in 2005 we brought with us our mentors & friends with us then too... we've always been fortunate to have a grouping of diversified & talented friends. The constant through Creepy Hollows always is myself (Magnolia) and my husband Ash. We welcome any and all practitioners, sellers & collectors to our site as long as they abide by common decency rules & show respect for others. No two people will ever have the exact, same beliefs when it comes to the paranormal & metaphysical and we know that. That is why we embrace a full range of people who share this passion with us and we try to give as much information & show as much of a 360 degree view so people can make up their own minds. Knowledge is power and you cannot make an educated decision about what you believe without the education.

We were the first to bring Spirit Keeping & Paranormal Collecting online, and have offered a wealth of information to Spirit Keepers & Paranormal Collectors, for free, for over a decade. We are constantly in development of our exclusive para-technology, some of which you see as staples in many other websites today, such as Bridging, Charging Boxes, Transmuting, Spirit Stones, etc. You can read more about this on our Accomplishments page.

The site encompasses the paranormal in as many avenues as possible including magic, rituals, religions, spirits, aliens, ethereal beings, ghosts, ideologies, hauntings, and everything in between. We've had people ask about the work we do and some scoff and say "Well, anyone can learn to do this... or anyone can learn to do that... or anyone can invoke a spirit". Sure they can. In the same respect I can go to college, get a degree and learn to be a Vet so I can care for my animals without a Vet or go to law school and become a lawyer so I can do my own legal work for my business, or any other profession. Sure, anyone can study and become anything they want and likewise they can practice any vocation on any level (novice, apprentice, master, etc). We are the professionals in this field and we provide a shortcut for those who do not wish to study & learn and become professionals but just want to enjoy the paranormal. Not everyone wants to learn how to invoke a goddess, they just want to be able to do it through enchantment or binding without the previous studying and that is what we do. We cut out the work and allow people to just enjoy the paranormal on multiple levels.

Our site expands outside of our store obviously and in this ever-growing site we try to provide as many tools, as much information and as many roads & aspects of the paranormal as possible. We are always growing in new directions to help those who have a passion or who want to have a passion be as educated as possible on the subject.

Our website is financed completely through the sales of our Online Store, we have kept sponsored ads of all kinds off this site in order to keep this a community atmosphere. We do not charge the collectors, practitioners or sellers who participate in the forum and we do not charge any of the collectors, sellers or practitioners who sell on the Marketpace because it allows those who are genuine about interacting with each other an opportunity to do so without having to worry about paying fees. We truly believe in a community atmosphere.

We both started interacting and working with spirits at young ages; in our early childhoods. We have always pursued the paranormal as a passion and hobby. Both of us were around our years of puberty when we started reading intensely about mystic creatures, magic across multiple cultures and time periods, the ties between different religions across the world, history & the paranormal, investigating reports of ghosts & spirits and working with the metaphysical & paranormal.

We both joined different paranormal communities in our late teens & early adulthood leading us into more organized efforts of paranormal investigation and opened doors for being introduced to those who were well-versed in different aspects of the metaphysical & paranormal. We met & learned from some of the most interesting & talented people across the world. Our education in conjuring & binding wasn't usually without cost and we both have literally tens of thousands of dollars invested in our background. After we met we shared with each other what we knew & had learned and realized we were perfect complements to one another, I educated in the White Arts and he educated in the Dark Arts but we shared the common thread of wanting to help people & share as much knowledge as we could for free. Too long the veils of secrecy have kept the truths & amazing aspects of the paranormal secluded in secret organizations or too expensive for the average person to pursue. We realize that without public access to this information it will never reach the general conscious of the public as it should be.

We both have been studying full-time in conjuring, magic, spellcasting, binding for more than 20 years. We have been developing our own conjuration techniques, spell-blends, binding techniques and brand-new developments in the paranormal community for more than 15 years. We have copyrighted the processes of all the aforementioned and compiled our own research & discoveries in the paranormal amounting to more than 100 pounds of paper! The content on this site extends to this research and will continue to encompass as much of our knowledge as we can share (hence the copyright on this site being 1998).

We try to leave no stone unturned in our passion and pursuit of our paranormal journeys. We investigate all sides; religious texts, religious beliefs, common threads between cultures & religions in relation to the paranormal, ghosts, spectres, poltergeists, energies, entities, etc. We investigate the well-known and the little known and have in our travels confirmed hauntings and unfortunately have had to expose books that "legitimately" reviewed haunted houses & the people in them who never even existed (my biggest disappointment being the Wedderburn mansion... I really wished that had been real).

Life is an absolutely amazing adventure and there is so much more to see & experience when you realize how truly complex, incredible and interwoven each detail of human life, animal life, plant life, all living things big or small, planets, galaxies, dimensions and the realms (spiritual, astral & physical) truly are. You never look at life the same way again... it's not about existing anymore, it's about really living.

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