My husband (Ash) and I (Magnolia) offer collectors of all walks of life the ability to collect as we offer spirits and vessels in all price and class ranges. We do a lot of work on this site, it is our lives, our hobby, our passion and we work more than 90 hours a week most weeks dedicated completely to this lifestyle (as I'm sure you can see by the size of our site). We do a great deal of the work on this site in order to give back to collectors and give them a FREE environment to discuss, to learn and to share the paranormal with each other. We offer the fruits of our labors in our store, auction site and on eBay and as you'll see this site is filled with the testaments of our passion for the paranormal.

Unlike many paranormal sellers we do the work ourselves. We do deal in paranormal estates but the majority of our offerings are vessels we've bound with spirits or enchantments with our own proprietary methods.

We helped pioneer this genre of paranormal collecting online in the large state you see it in today. We helped pioneer the eBay metaphysical category when it was just a handful of sellers in 2005. We were the first to offer Charging Boxes© in 2005 having invented them in our home, the first to offer Spirit Stones©, the first to tell collectors secrets like Dragons loving Sea Glass, the first to offer Immortals (Greek, Egyptian & Chinese), the first to offer Western Dragons, the first to offer Gargoyles, the first to offer Psy Vampires... and all of this is quite easily proven through eBay and Turbo Lister. We were among the first to offer djinn in July of 2006 as we offered wishes from my husband's genie inside of an oil lamp resuced from shipwrecked treasure. It's no secret we are heavily watched by other sellers who emulate and sometimes outright copy us. There are sites who copy information directly from our site, eBay sellers who copy our store listings & Encyclopedia articles word-for-word...does it mean they're fake? Not necessarily, it just means they don't have the experience we do and not knowing these things couldn't offer them until they got the facts from us or our extremely informative website. And some of the new sellers try to make their bones in this industry by copying our material & then attacking us to prove their validity.

We, personally, choose each vessel - sterling works because it holds up well and gemstone vessels have their natural energy. We cast in our home - my husband is a Master of the Dark Arts & Duality and I do everything related to positive, white light.

We do have pieces that are one-of-a-kind, vintage or antique but that is not the bulk of offerings. We didn't inherit, find or have someone else give us the treasures we offer you (unless otherwise noted) we made these pieces ourselves with our love and experience of the paranormal & metaphysical.

We work on a larger scale and have strived to be able to provide collectors, just as yourself, affordable ways to collect the spirits they desire. We have had a presence in the paranormal community for many years and have offered services of conjuration, casting, ritual, counseling, and many other unique services in person, on the phone and online.

So if you're wondering how we have so many beautiful treasures to offer it is not because we found or inherited each one... it's because we work VERY hard to find vessels we think collectors would enjoy wearing or showing in their home... then my husband or myself spends our time and experience to cast the most enchanting and powerful spirits & magic you'll ever see in your life.

We find our vessels right here in the U.S. and from India, Thailand, and Egypt. Sometimes we sell pieces that are antique or vintage but we find those pieces can fall apart much more easily and that upsets a spirit so we use new vessels (unless otherwise noted) because it makes sense to have a strong vessel you don't have to worry about. We've worked this way for over 10 years now and it works for collectors across the world before even before eBay existed and we did all our work via phone and letter.

Sometimes we work with wonderful, experienced people from Paranormal communities we have memberships with and have met along the way in our 10+ year journey.

A collector's education in knowing how to care for their spirits, grow in their passion and discover new things is important to us and that is why we spent so much time on our site and are working all the time to find new ways, like our forum, for collectors to learn.

We are always trying to find new ways to help collectors learn about their passion as we have been very blessed in our lives to have dear people and friends who shared their experience with us and we want to pass the positive light on to you.

We are working on a book, have pitched ideas for paranormal programming to Fox network and the Sci-Fi channel to broaden their scope (and not just have ghost or alien shows), and constantly look for ways to be able to share our knowledge online.

In order for collectors to benefit from our knowledge that has taken us years, thousands of dollars, and sometimes great hardship to learn we have to be mentally prepared for someone to take our hard-earned work, copy it and profit from it. We've weighed these consequences as you can imagine it troubles us and bothers us to see others gain from what took us a great deal of time and personal dedication to learn... but in the end the collector's ability to properly and adequately care for these great treasures is more important.

We truly care about the spirits and entities we offer and the collectors who adopt from us! Collectors come back to us because they know we care about them as much as the treasures.

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